Bienvenue 2017

       Au revoir 2016. Bienvenue 2017

               A beginning of a new cycle for all of us, a period when all are busy preparing to welcome the New Year. The streets are lit up with bright, exuberant lights, deafening sounds of dancing sparkling, colorful and beautiful fireworks above the sky and the well served yummy and delicious foods on tables. Many of us lapsed into bad habits, but now is the time to fix things. The time when people make promises or “New Year Resolutions” in short, for the “betterment” of themselves (might be) with all those idealist resolutions made again and again. Promises meant to be broken or for the keeps? But what is man anyway.


More than of all of that, this is the time to contemplate on the past year and thank God for His faithfulness and goodness into our lives. He’s great, isn’t He?





Twelve months of 2016 was full of ups and downs (that’s life is all about, isn’t it?). My first semester last school year mostly fluke due to my “serious” health problem that kept me from being absent in school. See my Instagram’s post last year.


 Still, I thank the Lord for an awesome semester. Just again, I admit that I did not make being a dean’s lister (you know just a little push then). Well, do grades undermine your sense of self-worth, the goals you really want to strive for, or the opportunity to obtain an authentic education? No, they do not. But I’m not saying that I’m not doing my best to aim for good grades actually I’m open for improvement, for growth. What matters then are the things you’ve learned and how to apply those in your daily lives and as well as having the attitude.




  Isaiah 42:9

“Behold the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.”


Indeed new things are and will come ahead 2017. Like seeds began to germinate before they turn into lovely flowers and so is God who knows well the future before there were occurrences would take place, everything He said it shall not come to Him null and void, and all of it shall infallibly be accomplished.tumblr_oelhr5ltpq1qd8ye6o1_1280


Isaiah 55:11

“So shall My word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” 


2016 was totally remarkable and momentous. I am humbly honored and genuinely thankful to be part of leading young lives towards their journey with God.



Given the circumstances, it’s no surprise that youth are restless and insecure, fed up and desperately searching for meaning to explain all the hurt and suffering they’re facing, meaning for their very existence. More than the Sunday morning church fellowship, Friday youth fellowship night and cell groups or bible study group gathering, I am firmly convinced that what do they need the most is the LOVE OF THE FATHER.


The love that is rare yet true and unconditional, which and whom cannot be found and given by anything or anyone but only Him.  As this is the most powerful force in the entire universe.


Kindly read John 3:16 of the Scripture (I suggest you to watch Amazing Love movie).

Few of my friends noticed that I had been plunged by so many things, just so might they know that I am not only engaged in school and my personal agendas but also in God’s ministry. Being cognizant of the fact that balancing two things isn’t easy at all, one must have self-discipline. I’m on my way in mastering it by the help of God. I’m still a work in progress. Reminding myself to never jeopardized one over the other. Colossians 3:23-24.


New things are always strange to us, isn’t it? Rather than saying “That doesn’t sound like something I would like”, let’s change that into “That seems interesting. I’ll give it a try.” I believe that we should always try new things. The latter are good and you’ll never know where they could take you unless you grab it.


       Cheers to 2017. God bless.


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