Climate Change and Health

The earth is considered to be a place for human beings to live together. It provides us shelters, foods, water and the most beautiful sceneries. Our lives have been bound to nature. However, because of the existence of the climate change, which according to the scientists is defined as the long-term changes in the climate including temperature and rainfall.

Climate change has become a hot issue lately. According to recent studies, the 21st century has to face a new crisis that could have long terms on the world as well as in human health. The world probably ends up a devastated ecosystem, extinct wildlife, and most importantly despondent humans. Last Thursday, March 16, 2017, I attended the Climate Change and Health Forum and through this, it had allowed me to have a better understanding of how climate change affects the human health. As to the forum had shared, changes in climate affect the distribution of vector species such as mosquitoes, which in turn will increase the spread of disease like Dengue. And also schistosomiasis, a disease we could get from the water we are drinking, wherein the urinary tract or the intestines are infected. The water quality, as well as its quantity, is also have affected. Increased evaporation rates are expected to reduce supplies in many areas. The greatest deficit is expected to occur in the summer, leading to the decrease soil moisture level and more frequent and severe agricultural drought. Since most of the Filipinos get their income through farming and in regards in this, they might lose their source of money in their daily living. I certainly agree with what Tom Kean and Jim Florio stated in an article, that as there’s an increased in drought it could reduce the availability of water for residents and industry while decreasing the quality of water in the streams, rivers. In addition to the changes of climate, the clean water we are drinking and washing may reduce its availability. Let us also consider that the water can be contaminated which could lead to spread infectious diseases. Climate change is also a threat to our food supplies. The food security has been mostly linked with the crop productivity. And so the reduction of crops productivity will not just affect the farmers, industry, but also the country’s economic status.

As I was on the forum, I had realized that time that climate change isn’t just about the changes to the weather. The forum itself is a tool to awaken each one of us especially the young generation that climate change is a serious issue that should not be taking for granted. This is a call that we should take action and give importance on preserving the earth because after all, it’s all about the sake of our lives.

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