The Bajao worldview of the sea as equivalent to life, wherein water bodies are the main functioning environments are strongly ingrained in Bajao psyche. This implies that land-based livelihoods and socio-economic functions could be sources of dilemmas for Badjao. Agriculture for example, as a practice for sustaining daily subsistence it may not be in accordance with Bajao culture of fishing and other aquatic-based livelihood activities. This is indeed stated by the informants, as agriculture is viewed to be hard to adopt and even almost impossible to practice.

Due to limited economic opportunities, the stability of livelihood sources for the Bajao is not fixed. Thus, in times of scarcity and hard economic times, the Bajao rely on mendicancy to sustain essential needs. Since begging for alms is seen as an unconventional mode for obtaining cash, the increasing number of Bajao beggars have slowly, if not already completely, assigned a pejorative identity for them.

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